Present – Lilas Rawling (Lay Chair) LR, Pat Maguire (Clergy Chair) PM, David Mason (Secretary) DM, Liz Ridler (Treasurer) LRi, David Clarke DC, Peter Walker PW, Brian Maguire BM, Robert Mountford RM, Kate Bowers KB, Caroline Crosby CC, Julian Bowers JB, Hugh Ashton HA, John Preece JP, Delphine Preece DP, Abbie Walsh AW, Diana Pearson DP


After introductions LR opened the meeting with a prayer from the Churches Together website.


Christel Langdon-Griffiths, Church Engagement and Fundraising Officer for Christian Aid gave a talk about Christian Aid and with the help of videos gave a brief summary of its history and recent developments emphasising its four values of dignity, equality, love and justice. She also spoke about the annual collection and how it can now be done using digital and delivery only envelopes. JB expressed his interest in setting up a new local group and at the end of the meeting several of those attending also expressed their interest.


Apologies - Warren Bardsley, Richard Henshaw, Gaynor Baldwin, Linda Atkin, Rob Hilyer, Roger Hartley, Danielle Leigh, Georgina Boyns, Wendy Walker, Sharon Greensmith.


The minutes of previous meeting were accepted.


Matters arising from the minutes

LRi has now become a Trustee of Michael Lowe’s and Associated Charities. PM confirmed that members of the Enabling Group had attended the Bower Presentation evening and had received a cheque for £228.84. The Prayer Diary has now been loaded on to the website.                                      ACTION – LR will contact the Cathedral to check whether Holy Day posters for Easter will be available again this year.


Treasurer's report

LRi commented that the funds from the Bower (£228.84) had covered the cost of the recent web upgrade (£215.00). Most of the subs from the churches have now been received. Grants of £1250 and £700 had been received for Christmas Day Together and Late Night Listeners respectively. Book Stmt Balance b/f 3657.94 Current 2156.49 Plus income 3146.30 Dep 2379.23 Less expend -2664.35 Less u/p -395.83 Total 4139.89 4139.89  


Safeguarding policy

The updated policy was approved. LRi is now the Safeguarding Lead.



PW gave an update on the changes to the website. This is the third incarnation of the website in 14 years and had involved transferring every page of the old one to the new one. A number of issues still need to be resolved for example the rather blurred graphics on the home page. PM encouraged everyone to have a look at it and provide feedback.


Open the Book Storytelling Project

AW reported that a team had now been formed from various churches which is now going out to local schools. Last term they told the parable of the good shepherd and next term will be telling the parable of the two houses. Good feedback has been received on these sessions but more volunteers are required.


Mental Awareness Day

AW reported this was due to be held in October but has now been postponed until the new year.


Possible new events

JP suggested that action could be taken by local churches to contact people moving into the new housing developments in Lichfield. A number of suggestions had been made, for example producing booklets or leaflets, or arranging services. DM mentioned the ‘Mission – New Housing Areas’ resources on the Churches Together in England website’.                                                                                                                                ACTION – DM to circulate details of the webpage.



Carols in the Market Square (Thursday 14th December) – DM reported the Market Square has been booked and the service, which will begin at 4.00 p.m., will feature Andrew Rushton and the Ladies Who Lark choir directed by Cathy Lamb. Christmas Day Together – PM reported invitations have now been sent out, and anyone else who wants an invitation or would like to volunteer to help should contact her as soon as possible.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18th-25th January 2024) – PM reported the service will be held at St. Michael’s on Friday 19th January at 7.30 p.m. and mentioned that the resources are now available on the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland website,                                                                ACTION - DM to circulate details of the web page.

Lent Groups (14th February – 28th March 2024) PM will arrange and LR will lead one of them via ZOOM.

Good Friday Walk of Witness (29th March 2024) – DM reported that next year there will be a change in the route. After Boley Park the next service will be held on the green area in Frog Lane next to the Council Offices (at the back of Wade Street church) instead of at the top of the Three Spires Shopping Centre.   

Good Friday service at Lichfield Cathedral (29th March 2024) – DM will book and see whether the service could begin at 6.30 p.m.                      ACTION – DM to contact Cathedral Events Office

Lichfield Bower (27th May 2024) – PM confirmed volunteers will be required to act as bucket collectors in the Bower Procession.


Any other business

PM mentioned she will be attending the induction service for Danielle Leigh at Wade Street Church on Saturday 28th October at 3.00 p.m.

Venue required for next Forum Meeting on Thursday 8th February at 7.30 p.m. ACTION – LR to contact Richard Henshaw to see if Holy Cross can host the meeting.


LR led the closing prayer and the meeting finished with The Grace.



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